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All of our Physiotherapists are very experienced, with at least 19 years of clinical experience, meaning they are specialists in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation (bones, muscles, joints, spines etc). They have been through years of extensive training and are registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

All new patients, or new conditions, will need to have initial assessment with your physiotherapist which will last for 40 minutes.  This will include a full historical account of your presenting condition and thorough clinical examination. We aim to start treatment in this first visit but very occasionally, if the presentation is long and complex, this is not always possible. A full explanation of our findings will be discussed with you and integrated into a plan alongside your own treatment goals and expectations. A mutually agreeable course of action will then be implemented which may range from simple discharge, with self-care and advice, or, a course of active treatment if appropriate.

If you have been referred to us from a consultant, any copies of relevant letters, post-operative regimes, or scans that you have, should be brought with you. These will offer vital information for your treating clinician even if they do not always mean very much to you. Even if you have been told a scan report 'is fine', where possible, we do like to read that report ourselves to ensure nothing is being overlooked (we do not need the actual pictures).

GREAT promise

For those of you using private medical insurance for physiotherapy, please be aware that you must have called them PRIOR to your assessment, to have gained pre-authorisation. You will need to bring both you policy/membership number AND authorisation code with you, for when you complete your registration form. 

Follow-up treatment sessions with one of our physiotherapists last for 40 minutes, identical to our initial assessments. One of the biggest criticisms we regularly here from patients, who have been elsewhere before finding us, is the lack of time to be listened to, and to be treated. It is because of this that in 2017 we increased all our physio sessions to 40 minutes long. We also believe in continuity of care so unless you request otherwise, or your treating specialist feels it best for your care, this will be with the practitioner who undertook your initial assessment. 

Your response to past treatment, along with your immediate symptoms, will be discussed with you and your goals revisited. A short re-examination will allow the practitioner to adapt your treatment session to accommodate the changes seen and ensure you are happy with the direction of the intervention.

Treatment and exercise regimes given will depend upon what is clinically relevant at that time but will be tailored to you individually. 

In order to comply with our governing bodies we have to undertake a certain amount of paperwork regarding your and your presentation. This is mostly undertaken as we go but your 'face to face' time may be limited to 30-35 mins to allow for the completion of this.

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