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Clinic Fees

Our clinic fees were last raised in Oct/Nov 2022, and there is no reason to believe they will change in the near future. Please ensure you compare the actual face to face time when looking at different clinics. We are not a bargain basement basement clinic and nor are we apologising for that. We only employ very experienced specialists and as such, they are remunerated in line with this. Our treatment session average of less than 5 per condition, which includes everything from complex post surgical rehab to simple muscle pulls, is a lot less than some of our competitors, so we would advise you to look at the bigger picture. We are normally fully booked, with 5 stars reviews, for a reason.....

Routine Assessment/Treatment - £62.50 (45 mins)

Each Physiotherapist has a whole 45 minutes blocked for each patient they see in this category, which is the most common. This is roughly split in to a 30-35 minute face to face session, 5 minutes of routine paperwork and 5 mins clean down/sanitisation. If you require more paperwork, such as GP or consultant letters, you may have slightly less face to face time to accommodate this, but this will be manged accordingly on a case by case basis. If you feel you have a complex case, or have multiple conditions, please call us to see if we need to extend your session (for an additional fee), as we do not want you to feel you have not gained what you wanted from the session and we appreciate not everyone is the same.

Women's Health Assessment - £125.00 (90 mins)

Our Women's Health specialist physio, Minal, is given 90 minutes per new patient appointment which consists roughly of 60-75 mins face to face time, 10 mins of paperwork and 5 mins clean down/sanitisation. The length of these sessions has recently been extended after both practitioner and patient feedback over multiple years. This enables us to ensure a much more in depth exam and treatment course, rather than spreading this over 2 split sessions, or rush, neither which helps you, or us, in the long run.

Women's Health Follow up - £75.00 (45 mins)

By extending the initial assessment we are able to provide follow up sessions of 45 minutes. This is roughly split in to a 30-35 minute face to face session, 5 minutes of routine paperwork and 5 mins clean down/sanitisation. This will allow more than enough time for an inter session catch-up, active treatment and updating and exercise/homework, which you need to undertake as part of your recovery.

Mummy MOT - £125.00 (90 mins)
Mummy MOT Followup - £75 (45 mins)

The Mummy MOT is a franchised service that we we provide for post natal women. Our Women's Health specialist, Minal, is licensed to carry out this very detailed assessment/treatment, on behalf of The Mummy MOT. It is stipulated that we need to carry out certain examinations, paperwork and reports as part of this service, and as such we need to allow adequate time. The assessment is roughly 60 mins face to face time, with 25 mins being taken to record your significant paperwork/reports and finally, a 5 minute clean down/ sanitisation.

Shockwave Package - £350 (up to 6 treatment sessions plus a final session after 6 weeks)

This is the only package we offer and DOES NOT include the initial assessment, which every patient potentially needing shockwave should have. It is not a magical treatment and not every patient will benefit from it, despite what you may fine on Google. It is however one of the only treatments that has clinical evidence relating to the number of sessions needed (4-6 average) which is why we only offer a single package of treatment. We need undertake a full new patient/condition assessment ini tially(please book routine assessment), to see if we feel Shockwave is appropriate, and safe, before offering this package. We are able to offer a decreased price compared to individual physiotherapy sessions as the application time, for this specialist treatment, is relatively short. 

Acupuncture - £62.50.00 (45 mins)

The evidence surrounding acupuncture in modern medicine is constantly changing however we do feel it is still worth including it in our care in specific cases. In line with the most recent research, where we do offer acupuncture, it is part of a bigger clinical treatment session and is rarely, if ever, given in isolation. We certainly do not offer you another £200 worth of dried herbs etc etc as part of the aftercare. Due to this, the session prices, as well as face to face time, are largely in keeping with the routine assessment/treatments. 

Complex Spinal Pain - £125.00 (90 mins)

In consultant physiotherapist Chris Heywood, we have one of the most experienced spinal physiotherapists in the region, and beyond.

Being the founder and owner of the company, Chris has a lot to do away from the coal face, so to speak, so his patient facing time is now greatly reduced. In order not to lose his knowledge and skills however, we have created this service for the 'more complex' of you.

Having worked as a clinical research fellow along side consultant spinal surgeon, Nick Birch for over 10 years (see bio for international research history and multiple high level publications) he has assessed, diagnosed and rehabilitated even the most complex spinal presentations over the years, whether non-operatively or post-operatively. He also has a Masters Degree in Pain Management. He has close ongoing working relationships with leading neurosurgeons, specialist spinal orthopaedic consultants, and their teams, so if you have a spinal problem that has not been rectified elsewhere, or you are not satisfied with your previous care, do not give up until you have seen Chris. It would be irresponsible to suggest everything is curable, because it is not, and sometimes what we can do is minimal, but we will always be completely honest, and even in the most helpless situations, there is normally some way to help at some level. 

The sessions are 90 mins long with roughly 60-70 mins face to face time. This allows you time to report your full history, cover any related historical medical documents you may bring and have a full and thorough assessment. After this you will be taken through the findings in easy language, talked through your appropriate treatment options, whether with us or else where, and try to ensure you get everything you need.  

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