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Clinic Fees

We like to keep things simple and transparent for our clients and our pricing is no different. If you have private health insurance, we will deal with them directly once you get authorisation in the usual way from them. For all other clients, we only employ experienced specilalist practitioners so we have a single price. 

Assessment/Treatment - £62.50 (40 mins)

Each Physiotherapist has a whole 40 minutes blocked for each patient they see in this category, which is the most common. This is roughly split into a 30-35 minute face-to-face session, 5 minutes of routine paperwork, and clean down/sanitisation. If you require more paperwork, such as GP or consultant letters, you may have slightly less face-to-face time to accommodate this, but this will be managed accordingly on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you have a complex case, or have multiple conditions, please call us to see if we need to extend your session (for an additional fee), as we do not want you to feel you have not gained what you wanted from the session and we appreciate not everyone is the same.

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