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In most cases exercise should be at the heart of any rehabilitation plan, encouraging self management in the long term, rather than therapy reliance.

​For those of you that have seen various practitioners over the years that only give hands on treatment, but do not give you a prescribed exercise plan and/or advice on how to self manage your condition, should consider getting a second opi


As a vast majority of people reading this site will be aware, exercise is a key part of many rehabilitation programmes and at Team Rehab uk we really support this in our practice. You will be shown how to do any exercises you are given, ensuring that you have a full explanation as to why and how these will benefit you. We will also ensure that you undertake them technically well by getting you to demonstrate them during your sessions. Sometimes more complex manoeuvres will necessitate us to teach you how to feel for certain muscles and when or how they activate. To do this we will need you to fully understand the relevant anatomy and we have multiple We have tried in the last year to incorporate the latest 3rd party version and when purchasing this it all sounded great, but it wasn't. So we decided quite simply to make our own - well I did anyway! This does take some time however so the library will be gradually built over the next few months. We aim to roll this out in late 2017/2018. Until then we will use the previous methods so please bear with us.

The following examples are what you should be able to expect once they are fully rolled out. They are sized specifically to fit you smart phones and tablets so no matter where work or pleasure takes you, you will always be able to access them - so that will be one less excuse you have!! As always, we encourage any feedback and ideas you any have, plus we need a name for our exercise assistant. Just drop us a message with any suggestions via the contact form which can be found via the link in the footer.​ways of doing this.


For those of you who have already had the pleasure of going through physiotherapy will recall the typical instruction sheet which tended to comprise of one of three versions a) The good old fashion hand drawn stick man, b) The texted description, 3) Some version of a black outlined person with brief description underneath.​

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