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Team Rehab uk Client Reviews

We try our very best to ensure all of our clients are well looked after in person but we are not very good at trying to get these recorded in writing, which is why none of us had a career in advertising or PR!!! We have collected from various places and platforms since we formed so please do scroll down the page for as long as you like. We will add from additional platforms as we get time. All of our review are voluntary, non-rewarded or paid for in anyway. Be aware that this is not always the case elsewhere!

Please do not worry about any unusual 'time warps' between reviews, it is simply a reflection of a small company, trying to prioritise and grow (Especially during COVID where we really felt there more more important things afoot). We would rather spend time on our clients, than chasing reviews. 

If you feel our information is helpful, please feel free to share it with others but do not take ownership in anyway

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