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Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Specialists 

Why would you risk the most valuable thing you own, your body, with anyone but the very best in their fields? Team Rehab uk was founded by Specialist Physiotherapist, Mr Chris Heywood, in 2016, as a platform for him, and his very experienced clinical team, to provide premium rehabilitation with a focus on honesty and quality. We pride ourselves on being different.

As part of supporting our valued staff, Jen, our secretary, will be primarily working from home until late 2023, when she will move to a brand new, 2500+ sq ft, flagship clinic (official release soon). In the meantime if you call goes unanswered, it could be her youngest child, challenging you for the soundwaves!! We would encourage you to leave your name and number and she will return your call very quickly. Alternatively, you can also use one of our contact forms, or email us direct, via

Please be aware that our online booking, patient education section, NEW personal online accounts with access to receipts etc, will arrive in December 23, after our move from Mawsley.

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Chartered Physiotherapy vs Others 

For years, we have worked with some fantastic non-physio professionals and having different approaches can be a powerful tool in getting you better.

Unfortunately, there has been a significant rise in recent years of 'non chartered' and 'non professional' qualifications, which are purported to be of the same standard as Physio's, Osteopath's and Chiropractor's.

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We hear over and over again, patients telling us about bad experiences with other 'physios' which we well know are not what they seem. Although many realise it is illegal to claim to be so, some don't, and a majority will not correct your assumptions if you presume this.

In the end, you should see who you have confidence in and who gets you better, but DO NOT assume your practitioner is a Chartered Physio, as many 'therapists' are not...... they just don't tell you......

Our team has a vast collective knowledge in the assessment and treatment of Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.  All specialists in their own clinical right, they can provide expert rehabilitation whether it be to a simple muscle strain or a complex post surgical recovery. 


Don't fall for the old 'I've worked for professional sports clubs for 5 years' cookie, frankly who cares, experience, honesty and integrity is everything and that's what we have in bucket loads!

Moulton/Mawsley Reviews

NONE  of our reviews are paid for or rewarded in any way - they are 100% voluntary, unlike some of our competitors....

Our Team

All of our Physiotherapists are very experienced (Chris 23 years, Anna 23 years,  Judy 35+ years, Michelle 30+ years). Their journeys to Team Rehab uk however have all be different, which means that although we are are all MSK specialists, and you will do well to befuddle us collectively, some of us also have very advanced skills in specific areas (highlighted in biographies). If you think you are 'complex', (although your complex and ours may differ hugely), seeking out the therapist with extra skills or experience in your area, may prove beneficial to you.


All of our team are fully employed (compared to most clinics that are self employed and/or profit shared) so it is of no advantage to us putting you with one practitioner, over another. If you have any questions regarding who you should see, please do contact us either by completing a form, or by calling us. We want you to be happy with your choice, experience and outcome.

Although we generally encourage continuing with the same therapists for your injury, if either you or the therapist thinks an alternative practitioner would be best, this is easily arranged, with a full and compete hand over.


The only reason we are able to provide such a premium level of care is down to our extremely experienced and talented practitioners. It is vital that patients are able to develop a strong level of trust in their practitioner so we encourage everyone to read their biographies, and talk to friends and family that have used us before, to get your best match (apologies, bio's are temporarily down just while we transfer them. Please call if you require specific practitioner information)

Corby Reviews

NONE  of our reviews are paid for or rewarded in any way - they are 100% voluntary, unlike some of our competitors....

Do We Offer 'Treatment Packages'

 The only treatment package we offer is for Shockwave Therapy and that is because there is hard evidence to support the amount of application you need for effective treatment to occur. Apart from in specific cases like this, there is very little evidence, above anecdotal experience, to back the number of sessions you need. You may find a 'great OFFER' with a 10% reduction by booking 5 or 10 sessions, but if you actually only need 3 sessions, the only person profiting in the clinic. In some cases we have even heard that single treatments are not available, only packages. We think this unprofessional and is not there to benefit the patient, only the profit margin - but if that is what kind of company you want to deal with, don't let us stop you.

What Does Our Assessment Include?

There are certain things that we have included in our pricings over the years and have just taken for granted that these are a must in a premium pay service. It would however appear that highlighting these as 'free things' is now a marketing strategy being used by other clinics, so we felt we had better not get left behind......

  • A rehabilitation folder in which you can store your working diagnosis sheet and any exercise sheets you wish to print, collate all of your relevant GP/Consultant paperwork, and keep handy any insurance paperwork with membership or authorisation codes you may need (coming very soon)

  • A working diagnosis, explanation of how we have come to this conclusion and what your options are moving forwards, including treatment in the remainder of the session, where necessitated.

  • Where appropriate, a fully personalised exercise and advice plan, sent to you digitally, including text, pictures, videos and a 'diary of completion' chart.

  • Where appropriate, resistance band ,of the correct strength and length, to perform your personally prescribed rehabilitation homework. 

If you really value a free generic heat bag/ice pack etc, as offered elsewhere, we suggest you just buy one online for 2.99 rather than us putting our prices up to include this for everyone!

Some Well Known Local Consultants Thoughts...

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Patient Focussed Education (coming soon)

We have created a lot of patient education over the years but rather than just re posting them, we are reviewing, updating and improving these prior to re uploading.

We are going as fast as we can so keep checking back if you have found these beneficial in the past. 

We welcome both self funding patients and those with appropriate Private Medical Insurance

Please be aware that although we are registered with the 3 companies in red, we refuse to work with Nuffield Health, which they use for some of their policies. This is simply due to the significant remuneration disparity between private clinics (Nuffield Fusion) and their own in-house physio’s - we have to make a living too.


If you are with one of these providers, please ensure that your policy is not restricted to Nuffield Health. In some situations, you may still be able to use us as a ‘Specialist Outside Provider’ depending on your needs, but you will need to discuss this with your policy holder. We apologise if this impacts your care.

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